young restaurateurs: fall 2017 session overview


Have you ever wondered if you would be successful at running your own food or beverage business? Well here is your chance! Whether you have the best Argentinian empanadas or want to sell a line of gluten-free cookies, this workshop helps you learn what you need to do – from concept, to test market, to sales. And you get to learn cooking skills, too!

In a hands-on fashion, students will learn how to take their favorite recipes or food ideas to the market and develop the tools needed to successfully brand, test and launch foods that friends and family will love. “How to” topics include: mission, brand, recipe testing, product positioning, selling and more!


  • Week 1 : Orientation
  • Week 2 : Concept, Idea & Story Telling
  • Week 3 : Branding, Positioning & Pitch Your Ideas
  • Week 4 : Design Your Menu
  • Week 5 : Presentation, Packaging and Food Photography
  • Week 6 : Cost, Revenue & Profit
  • Week 7 : Internal Pitch Competition
  • Week 8 : Food Preparation Safety & Techniques
  • Week 9 : Create Your Dishes
  • Week 10 : Food Festival Preparation: Tasting Session
  • Week 11 : Food Festival Preparation: Internal Presentation
  • Week 12 : Recognition & Celebration

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
— Peter Drucker